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Innova Vivienda develops and constructs low-income housing solutions in Colombia.

Innova Vivienda is an Innova Capital Partners platform company.

At Innova, we believe the availability of quality housing solutions is paramount to the sustainable development of communities and therefore also to the economies of nations.

Our objective is to offer a solid platform that will enable the development and financing of large scale low-income housing projects.

Innova Vivienda structures, develops and constructs its own low-income housing projects, but also looks to collaborate and provide financing to other developers and construction firms that may have projects of their own, but lack access to financing.

The members of our team have deep knowledge of the housing programs and policies in Colombia. Innova Vivienda leverages this knowledge to develop affordable housing options so that families can achieve the goal of owning their first home.

Our differentiated strategy begins at the inception of each development. We work closely with the communities and local housing authorities at every phase of development to ensure that our housing design schemes and objectives respond to the regional and local environmental conditions and needs of our clients.