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What Innova Vivienda believes:

We believe in high quality, dignified, and affordable housing solutions.

Access to affordable housing is a basic human right, and the first of many steps any emerging country can take to create prosperous communities where future generations can grow and thrive.

We adhere to a responsible and disciplined approach to urban planning and architectural design that encourages a more human-centered approach to growing cities and communities.

We provide technical assistance and capital to other income housing developers and construction firms who may lack access to financing.

By incorporating elements (when possible) that promote energy efficiency and which use renewable energies, we strive to be environmental stewards. We believe in developing projects that minimize our carbon footprint and help to protect the environment through responsible energy consumption.

Lastly, we extend our commitment to sustainability by creating solid relationships with our partners, suppliers and the communities we serve to ensure their long-term success, health and viability.